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Derrek Ivey is a highly established road Cyclist with wins in Europe, USA, and Canada. He has traveled the world honing his talent in hopes of one day becoming pro. In June of 2012 while racing in Europe, Derrek was involved in a high speed crash where he broke his back in three places. With treatment and help from his peers he was able to recover to race again in 2013. In the start of 2013 his drive to get back was strong but his injuries had not fully healed. After coming to the conclusion that the risk was too high he decided to reroute his passion into coaching. While in Europe gained excellent training knowledge that he is now able to impart upon his clients. With all of his knowledge and racing experience Derrek is able to understand training for all levels.


Once Derrek was introduced to the world of competitive cycling, he raced his way to high rankings in many races in a relatively short amount of time. The experience he has gained now assists others on their path to greatness.


  • 1st Ontario Cup Good Friday Road Race
  • 1st 15km TNTT
  • 2nd Ontario Provincial Time Trial


  • 1st Flexpoint Limburgs Mooiste, Netherlands
  • 2nd Ontario Cup Good Friday Road Race
  • 5th Omloop Hoeksche Waard, Netherlands
  • 7th Tucson Bicycle Classic Time Trial


  • 1st Ontario Cup K-W Classic
  • 3rd Ontario TT Championships
  • 4th St Kilda Criterium, Australia


  • 1st Ontario Road Race Champion
  • 1st Ontario Hill Climb Champion
  • 1st Hollenbeck Classic (New York)
  • 3rd CHIN Picnic Criterium
  • 3rd GC Yuma Classic (Arizona)


  • 1st Tour de Terra Cotta
  • 1st Strawberry Classic (New York)
  • 2nd K-W Classic
  • 2nd GC Ontario Cup
  • 2nd Ontario RR champion chips
  • 2nd Ontario TT champion chips


  • 1st Bristol Mountain Road Race (New York)
  • 1st Place Niagara Classic
  • 1st Place Milton Classic
  • 2nd GC Ontario Cup
  • 21st GC Atlanta speed week
  • 31st Bałtyk–Karkonosze Tour UCI 2.2 (Poland)